Amasht Hygiene E-news | April 2013
The Factors That Go Into Hospital Cleaning
  Hospitals are a germaphobe’s worst nightmare. Sick people are everywhere coughing and spreading their illnesses. Various tools are used from patient to patient, causing concern for what illness the previous user possessed. Thankfully, hospital cleaning standards are put into place to prevent an over-abundance of disease spreading. Even with the standards, however, Healthcare Associated Infections are still common while being preventable in the first place.
Unlike other commercial buildings, hospitals have an added importance in cleanliness and sanitation. The building is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. With those in hospitals being sick or dealing with the sick, illnesses can be spread easily if one is not taking the proper precautions. Jani-King’s healthcare cleaning service recognizes the need for everyone to do his part in hospital cleaning.
  By implementing its Clean Hands-Clean Surfaces program, Jani-King is teaching patients, workers and the rest of the community how to conduct proper hand washing and surface disinfection. This helps reduce the rate of infections that is passed throughout hospital systems.  
By using environmentally friendly products, a cleaning service can achieve even better hospital cleaning results. By reducing the amount of waste resulting from cleaning practices, contamination is less likely. HEPA/ULPA vacuums keep the air purer with the enhanced filtration system. Some cleaning products use harsh chemicals which can do more harm to people than good. A microfiber system can keep infection down by discarding the bacteria instead of spreading it around. Eco-friendly products do not have to be less effective. Although not all healthcare cleaning products can be green to accomplish optimal sanitation, a number of options are available that can provide that high level of cleanliness while still achieving the green seal of approval.  
  Healthcare is a sensitive industry where disease can easily get out of control. This is why proper hospital cleaning is such a crucial factor to a hospital’s success.  
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  An illness is considered chronic if it has continued over 120 days – 100 Million people in the U.S. have a chronic illness

Symptoms warn you there is a problem. If you simply mask the symptoms with a drug, it does not eliminate the root cause. It makes as much sense as dealing with a warning light on your cars dashboard by unplugging it.
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