Amasht Hygiene E-news | April 2014
Catering for cleanliness
  Keeping floors clean in premises that prepare food – whether on the manufacturing/ processing side or in the kitchens of restaurants and cafes – is essential in more ways than one.
It seems we’ve become used to horror stories about unhygienic food outlets, with the media regularly featuring stories that set the stomach churning. Managers therefore need to ensure that cleaning regimes are effective and efficient, so that they are not hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons – such as an outbreak of food poisoning or a damning hygiene inspection.
  Useful guidance also comes from the Food Standards Agency. In its publication, ‘Food Hygiene: A Guide for Businesses’, the FSA advises that the layout and design of premises should, among other things, allow for adequate maintenance, cleaning and/or disinfection; avoid or minimise airborne contamination; and protect against the build-up of dirt, contact with toxic materials, shedding of particles into food and forming of condensation or mould on surfaces.    
The correct floor cleaning equipment and methods not only help to ensure kitchens and other food preparation areas meet the stringent hygiene standards required by law, they also help to minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls that could be caused by spilt food or liquids.
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that people working in kitchens or food service are more likely to be injured through slips and trips than anything else. However, the correct cleaning regimes and machines can deliver consistently excellent regular maintenance, as well as responding to ‘emergency’ situations – keeping both floors, and staff, safe and clean.
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  The stomach’s digestive acids are strong enough to dissolve metal. Fortunately for us,
the cells of the stomach lining secrete a viscous mucus which prevents the acid from penetrating the cells’ walls.
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