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Crucial role of Cleaning Chemicals
  In the cleaning process, the chemical interactions begin with wetting the surface with water, which causes high surface tension due to the hydrogen bonding. Water alone cannot penetrate the space between the soil and the surface; hence the need for chemicals. Surfactants/detergents, or chemical compounds are added for deflocculation, followed by reactions like suspension, dissolution, emulsification, neutralisation and oxidation. Specialised chemicals customised for each application in different industries can alone provide the required cleaning results; besides ensuring safety of the surface being cleaned, safety of the person engaged in cleaning and savings through limited use of chemicals.
Besides right chemicals, the proportionate dosing of chemicals is equally important. Lowering the regulatory chemical cost and maintaining high cleaning quotient through dilution control system can be the ideal way.
The oil/ grease spills easily spread in the factories through trolleys or forklifts that are constantly running on the shop floor. This demands specific chemicals to clean floors as well as offices, as the oil and grease sometimes spread to those areas as well.
Soiling levels in workers’ uniforms and on the shop floor are usually too high &nd demanding extra treatment for cleaning. Further, most of the shop floors usually are operated 24 hours; hence cleaning has to be done without affecting the performance. Special Industrial cleaners such as a heavy duty degreaser and Alkaline Bathroom cleaner have been developed to manage the cleaning of floors and washrooms.
  Soil Assessment    
Before zeroing down on the exact type of cleaning chemical required, it is important to analyze what’s on the floor first.
The composition of soils in industrial environments can generally be placed in four categories,
common soil
hard water mineral deposits
oil and grease and
floor sealer/finish
  Analyzing the soil type is essential to the cleaning process in order to select the best cleaner and procedure for the job. For example, an acid cleaner is a poor choice to remove floor sealers and conversely, alkaline cleaners such as floor strippers are ineffective at removing mineral deposits. There are several products available in the market for each soil type problem.  
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