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5 Cleaning Tips for a Happy Office
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Office cleaning is as important as home cleaning. We spend almost one third of our adult lives in our workplace, and a cluttered and grimey work environment isn’t something people would choose. Keeping the office clean requires a team effort — everyone should do their part to keep the place neat and tidy. Anyone neglecting their role can create disharmony in the office as no-one would like to do all the work. Here are five crucial tips to keep everyone happy.
1. Wash your dishes
If there’s one area of the office that can breed anger and division between the staff, it’s the kitchen. Nearly every office will have staff members doing more than their share when it comes to cleaning up other’s cutlery, plates and the endless string of coffee cups. If you’re using the dishes, don’t leave them in the sink for the next person to clean up. It makes others feel bitter towards you, and also create an unhealthy environment attracting insects and germs. Instead, give your dishes a quick wash, rinse and place them in the dish rack. If you see several dishes in the rack, place them in the cupboard. It takes less than a minute and will create a happier work environment.
2. Empty your bins
People tend to place their bins away from watchful eyes — and let the garbage pile up. Days-old garbage begins to accumulate, attracting insects and buildunpleasant smell.. Ensure there is always a bin liner placed in your bin so that nothing gets stuck at the bottom and empty it regularly. Most offices usually have a bin in the kitchen/pantry so dispose your leftover food there.
3. Take care of the bathroom
Cleaning other’s mess in the bathroom isn’t the nicest thought. It’s disgusting to find the bathroom in a horrible state. Remember, the toilet brush is there for a reason, so use it. There’s nothing an office worker hates more than dealing with a mess left behind by the previous bathroom user. Additionally, when dispensing with paper towels, don’t miss the bin — nobody likes to see paper towels strewn across the floor.
4. De-clutter your desk
It’s your personal workspace, but it’s also a part of the office as a whole, so if your desk is messy then it adds to an overall cluttered feeling in the office. Even if you don’t mind having a messy desk, think of the people in your immediate vicinity and give it a tidy every now and then. Don’t keep your desk so messy that your stuff is creeping onto an adjoining desk; it’s frustrating but your workmates will be too polite to say anything about it.
5. Employ an office cleaner
If you manage an office, this is a must. If you’re simply an office worker, it might be worth discussing with your boss. An office cleaner will ensure the bathroom and the kitchen remains mould-free, dust window sills and so on. Many cleaning companies offer these services and they’re worth using to maintain a happy office.
Article Source: http://envirocleanfm.com.au/blog/5-cleaning-tips-happy-office/
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Lemons are nature’s best bleach and disinfectant.
Green cleaning reduces incidences of asthma attacks caused by dust and chemical allergens.
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