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  Steam Cleaners - Are They Effective For Industrial Cleaning?  
  Steam cleaners are well-known for their use of powerful, super-hot vapor steam to clean, sanitize, and disinfect a range of surfaces in homes, offices, stores, and industrial facilities. These vapor steam cleaners accomplish unbelievable cleaning results with the use of various attachments like brushes and towels.

Steam cleaning machines also double as tile and grout steam cleaners since they can effectively tackle almost all types of stains and grime on tile and in grout lines. But, are these steam cleaners the best choice for industrial settings?
  The moisture content of the steam ejected by steam cleaner is quite low - in fact it can be as low as just 5 percent water. This is why the vapor is called 'dry steam'. The low moisture content implies that steam cleaning will not be adequate for those cleaning tasks that require high flow rates or pressure levels. Although steam cleaning machines are good for sanitizing and disinfecting industrial surfaces, the low flow rates of floor steam cleaners render them inefficient for tough industrial needs like cleaning or degreasing large machinery and conveyor belts. This is why most industries choose pressure washers instead of industrial steam cleaners.

Most people believe that hot water pressure cleaners are great for use on industrial machinery and equipment. These pressure washers usually feature pressure levels of up to 3000 psi and flow rates of up to 5 GPM. However, hot water machines may not be capable of handling the most demanding applications present in industrial facilities.

Steam pressure washers, on the other hand, are the most powerful cleaning machines on the market. They combine high pressure levels and flow rates with ultra-high steam temperatures, capable of dissolving stubborn residues and easily blasting them away.

Unlike steam cleaner, steam pressure washers are very effective in eliminating all types of deposits like oil, grease, and grime from heavy machines and other industrial areas. In fact, these steam pressure washers are safe for use on a range of surfaces like metal, stone, brick, quarry, sandstone, tile, and concrete. However, users should note that the high pressure levels and flow rates of pressure washers can damage delicate surfaces and may create problems in facilities where water drainage is an issue.
  Despite the additional power afforded by steam pressure washers, steam cleaner is still one of the most sought after types of cleaning machines available. Advanced technologies, like anti-bacterial capabilities or gum removal features, make steam cleaners both powerful and versatile for a variety of commercial and lighter industrial cleaning tasks.

As green cleaning continues to gain acceptance around the world, steam cleaners offer you an effective, powerful and affordable solution to implement green cleaning in your residential or commercial environment. To enjoy the countless benefits of steam cleaning, always buy steam cleaners from reputed suppliers who offer you a warranty on their machines.
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