Amasht Hygiene E-news | February 2013
Hygiene in Housekeeping
  Modern day cleaning or housekeeping goes much beyond just keeping the place look clean and neat. It involves keeping it hygienically clean. This subtle difference between housekeeping and hygienic housekeeping requires understanding of hygiene issues related to cleaning that are not immediately visible but have effect on the efficiency of the workforce in any workplace premise or guestroom in a hotel.
Globalisation has given rise to an influx of international visitors into India. They are well aware of the international standards of hygiene and housekeeping, and expect the same standards being followed in the hotels and resorts, especially the international chains operating in India.
Most of the five star hotels and resorts concentrate on food safety and personal hygiene. Workplace hygiene is an issue, which does not get its due recognition. Putting up posters, hand washing machines, sanitizers and dustbins all over the workplace is not enough to ensure hygiene. Use of right kind of machinery is also equally important. Cleaning can be done either by hand held vacuum cleaner or backpack vacuum cleaner depending on the availability in that property. Again, it depends on the area, which you want to clean. The choice of machine is important because use of wrong equipment will result in loss of time, energy and productivity.

Hygiene, if it is to be maintained at an optimum level requires investment. To meet the high expectations & standards and to ensure high employee performance by keeping the workplace germ and bacteria free, the management needs to have cleaning capital.
  When we speak of hygienic cleaning, we refer to surfaces that are cleaned and yet not clean. Recent studies have shown that standard cleaning techniques are not effective on the problem of Third Hand Smoking. This is a phenomenon, which involves residual toxic particulate settling onto surfaces and dangerous volatile organic compounds that saturate furniture, carpet and coat existing house dust. Third Hand Smoking poses a bigger health risk to children than adults since children have weak immune system compared to adults.  
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  An illness is considered chronic if it has continued over 120 days – 100 Million people in the U.S. have a chronic illness.

Symptoms warn you there is a problem. If you simply mask the symptoms with a drug, it does not eliminate the root cause. It makes as much sense as dealing with a warning light on your cars dashboard by unplugging it.
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