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Adding Fragrance to Cleanliness
  Today’s discerning traveller seeks homely comfort and a feeling of being associated during his or her stay in a hotel. The simplest way to add comfort to a guest’s stay is to present an ambience with a pleasant and familiar aroma.
With the growing expectations of guests, hotels today are now a place to unwind and relax in a thoughtfully and ergonomically crafted room or suite. Guests thus seek a Home away from Home.
Lavishly decorated interiors, expensive bath fittings, elegant and class furniture, valuable paintings... add to the grandeur of a Hotel. But, even a slight foul smell can ruin the ambience of a palatial hotel.
Customisation is the need of the hour, as each hotel has its own specific fragrant requirements.
Selecting the Aroma
An aroma can be selected in many creative ways, such as
Season of the Year   Name of the Hotel/Restaurant
Interior Decoration/Colour Theme   Locality/Region
Festival/Events   Application/Purpose
Strategic Marketing
Fragrance holds paramount importance as it interprets the luxury, cleanliness and credibility of a hotel. The fragrance supplier plays an equally important role in providing comprehensive solutions based on the sound understanding of different concepts and practical knowledge of how to apply them in a judicious manner. Haphazard selection and application of aromas can have a daunting effect! Customisation is the need of the hour, as each hotel has its own specific fragrant requirements and a stereotype or off the shelf product may not work well.
A new level of luxury can very simply be incorporated into the routine of the hotel by giving an the opportunity to the guests to select their own ambience fragrance. This information can be collected at the time of filling of the reservation form. Specific areas where fragrances can play an important role are:
People interpret fresh-smelling clothes as the sign of a well-done laundry job. Add laundry fragrance at the time of the final rinse to ensure that the washed linen is not only clean, but also smelling fresh, free from off-notes of detergents; and is deodorised (from smells related to food, shoes, etc.).
Routine Housekeeping  
During routine cleaning of bathrooms, add lemon-type water miscible perfume to a mug filled with water and gently swirl; and then pour it in the wash basin in a circular manner. Guests will certainly feel pampered!
Stock perfumed gel based air freshener in the wardrobe.
Pour a few drops in the pot and when the guests use the flush, a burst of fragrance from “nowhere” will delight and surprise in equal measure.
Article Source: http://www.cleanindiajournal.com/adding-fragrance-to-cleanliness/
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