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Cleaning Industry Trends
  The cleaning industry is buoyant, as the country in the changed scenario is adopting cleaning with open arms. The demand for cleaning products seems to be from coming any quarter rather than just the traditional segments as experienced previously. Some of the leading players of the Indian Cleaning industry share their views on the changing trends.
India is constantly changing & developing and has a huge potential for the cleaning industry, says Puneet Mishra, Managing Director, Comac India. Growth is directly proportional to the efforts in the market towards educating customers on new technologies, service orientation and reach. Results are bound to follow as Indians are keen to adopt better technologies and methods in every sphere of their life. Thus, in essence, growth is dependent on the ethos of the company to serve the industry with quality of staff, right product mix, investments and strategies.
Performance over last year
Universally, in the last two years, the cleaning industry experienced slack which has picked up this year. “Cleaning has now become something which cannot be ignored by people and with the increase in costs and poor availability of manpower, mechanised cleaning solutions have now become the only way forward,” says Varun Karthikeyan R, Managing Director, Roots Multiclean Ltd.
Distinctively, the demand is also being experienced from unexpected quarters. “Traditionally we had segments like pharma, automobile, IT, facility management and hospitality as key business drivers, but today the scenario is such that one can obtain good response from any segment, provided one has a solution to their hygiene needs and adds value to their current methodology and systems with sustained market efforts,” says Puneet.
“However,” cautions Vivek Mata, Managing Director, Charnock Equipments Pvt. Ltd, “there is no doubt an upward momentum but it is slow and steady. In the given circumstances, in India cleaning is still the last priority and it is high time that people realise the importance and implement the best cleaning practices.”
Fast moving segments
Traditionally again, it is the service segment that has been the biggest consumer of cleaning products. Outsourcing of services is picking up pace and many industries, besides manufacturing, are now engaging service contractors to keep their premises clean. “Hence, this has created an explosive growth in the FM segment,” says Varun.
Even in the manufacturing sectors, there is increased outsourcing. In a bid to push the ‘Make in India’ initiative to the global level, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pitched India as a manufacturing destination and the manufacturing segment is booming. “The IT sector is showing an upward trend because of the large inflow of MNC IT and ITeS firms setting up shop in India. The airports, malls and railways are also among others,” adds Vivek.
Nonetheless, the fact remains that not all industries have accepted the outsourcing model or engaged mechanized cleaning services. Conventional cleaning is still trending and unless the manpower crunch reaches a peak, mechanized cleaning will still remain the last option.  
Article Source: https://www.cleanindiajournal.com/cleaning-industry-trends/
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