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What Are the Different Types of Washroom Hygiene Services?
  Washroom hygiene services are any services that promote a safe and clean restroom facility. Typically, organizations that offer washroom hygiene services primarily deal with restocking supplies and ensuring that technology is up to date rather than actually cleaning the restroom. Some companies take care of all hygiene services themselves, but others outsource maintenance of the washroom facilities to companies that deal only with hygiene.
Having a clean washroom is particularly important when part of a customer’s experience often involves the use of a restroom, so restaurants and stores with bathrooms frequently make use of these services to better serve the customer. In large companies with many employees, maintenance of the restroom may be conveniently and economically outsourced to other companies as well.
Some of the most common types of washroom hygiene services involve restocking restroom supplies and fixing broken hygiene fixtures. Items such as toilets are usually outside the expertise of washroom hygiene companies, but the components of the toilets that reduce odors are part of hygiene. Special dispensers for soap and towels may be part of washroom hygiene services as well, and these items must be restocked frequently.
The basic items that promote hygiene, such as soap and paper towels, are not the extent of the services offered by most hygiene companies. Washroom hygiene can also include vending machines for feminine supplies, changing tables, and trash services. Different companies have divergent philosophies on which combination of hygienic products results in the most usable workplace, but typically the same company will supply all of a business’s hygiene products.
Smells, unpleasant images, and even colors can result in a room feeling unhygienic. Part of the job of a washroom hygiene services company is making sure that not only is the restroom actually clean but that it will also appear clean to users. This is often accomplished by toilets that flush automatically, odor-reducing strategies, and well-designed fixtures.
All these different hygiene services can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Some companies emphasize cutting edge technology, while others strive for environmental friendliness. Restroom hygiene is a highly varied and complex topic when shown appropriate attention, and the number of services continues to grow as standards of cleanliness improve.  
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