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Combating Restroom Odour Head On
Through the years, seasoned professionals have learned some effective ways to beat restroom odour. For instance, to combat odours lingering in floor drains, or, when cleaning floors, pour the germicidal detergent down the drain to keep it moist and clean. Bio– or foaming-enzymes can also be used to combat odors in drains or in tight spaces where bacteria may hide.

Enzyme cleaner consists of live bacteria, which devour the unwanted bacteria – even in a restroom's smallest areas – and helps kill anything causing an odour issue. Bleach don't do what enzymes do. The enzyme is applied after an area is disinfected, and left wet to dry. In restrooms where odours stem from garbage, analyze what is being thrown away and whether the receptacle is properly containing it. Most often, the bags are to blame for lingering odours. Standard wax paper bags can get pushed down into the receptacle and products strewn on top of them. This makes it difficult for cleaners to empty and disinfect the receptacle.

Moving the air around is another lesson in restroom odour control. Many times, restrooms are positioned in corners of facilities, which can hold odors in. That is why it is essential to have the correct number of air exchangers in a restroom to prevent stale air and festering smells. Training staff on the cause of the odour is the most essential step in eliminating problem areas.

Many facilities use pressure-washing equipment, in conjunction with proper chemicals, to tackle all surfaces in the restroom – from the top of walls till the tile and grout. With controlled amount of surfactant and high−pressure spray, workers shower all restroom surfaces. Then surfaces are rinsed with clean water and moisture is flushed down floor drains using a squeegee or vacuumed up and removed. The process has proven to clean restrooms and eliminate odour–causing bacteria.

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