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Things to Know About Cleanliness in Hospitals
  Cleanliness is an important factor that every hospital should observe. This situation is true for both, public and private hospitals. Some might think that hospitals are among the cleanest places, but this is not the case. It is true that government and private hospitals have cleaning personnel, but having them does not ensure that the hospital would be properly cleaned. It would still depend on how dedicated these people are in doing their work. Also, the result of their cleaning would depend much on the cleaning product or disinfectant that they use in the cleaning process.
The usual kind of cleaning that we see in hospitals is done with a mop and bucket of water. This is actually a good practice, especially when cleaning agents are used. The problem with most cleaning procedure is that they use the same mop in different wards. This causes the spread of bacteria and infectious pathogens in different places in the hospital. We all know that most supervisors and seniors in a hospital know the importance of cleanliness, but do not impose rules strictly.
  The first change should come from people who provide the funds to these public hospitals. These people should start putting higher importance on improving the services that the public hospitals offer. Facilities should improve since more and more people need health service. Public hospitals are government-funded and their improvement would greatly depend on the government.    
People in the government should realize that there is a big need for cleaner and safer hospitals. Supervisors in hospitals should pay more attention to better products and equipments for cleaning areas in the hospital. There are a lot of good products that serve as disinfectants and could treat bacteria in any place. The right equipments should also be used in order to carry out the work efficiently and fast.
One of the reasons why personnel in-charge of cleaning do not do it that often, since cleaning with the wrong equipment would be tiring and time-consuming. If these personnel would get the right equipment and products, they could surely do their work well. Cleanliness in hospitals is really important since people with different health conditions go to that place. People would have greater chance of being sicker, if the place is not cleaned well. Hospital supervisors should do their best to be able to maintain a desired level of cleanliness in hospitals where people would be safe.
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  Millions of germs accumulate under the bracelets, watches and rings that a person might be wearing.

Antimicrobial soaps may be beneficial for washing your hands; they kill a wide range of bacteria. But thorough cleaning with regular soap and water is as effective against viruses.
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