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  Dry Ice is Perfect Industrial Cleaning Agent  
When it comes to heavy-duty cleaning tips, a little known secret is that ice blasting is one of the best methods available. From getting chewing gum off of a city sidewalk to mold remediation, uses for ice spread across different industries and various levels of use.

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. Its most common use is as a cooling mechanism; however, in recent years, various industries have found that it serves other uses.

One of the most common uses of ice involves blast cleaning. Blast cleaning occurs when small pellets of ice are shot through a small nozzle using compressed air to get stubborn residue and grime off of industrial materials. Dry ice can remove ink, glue, oil, mold, paint or rubber without damaging the core material or equipment. Using ice to remove some of these substances can replace the need for sandblasting, water blasting or steam blasting, all of which require several applications to clean effectively.

Dry ice also can be used to clean other types of construction materials, including brick. The benefit of ice is that it is strong enough to remove just about anything -- from mold and mildew to water stains, bird droppings, wood carvings, but gentle enough to not damage the brick material.
It's important to note, however, that using ice as a method of cleaning any industrial -- or other - materials should only be handled by those with adequate training. Improper handling of ice can cause severe cold burns to the skin; individuals who aren't well versed in its uses might find that it is easier to sustain a burn than they think.

Dry ice often produces a great deal of condensation as it is expelled, which makes it hard to distinguish between the fog and the ice, itself. Because these burns can cause such damage to the skin, ice cleaning applications should always be conducted by an experienced employee or a company that specializes in this type of cleansing method.

Homeowners and industrial factories alike can benefit from ice cleansing applications. Working with a reputable ice company will ensure that your home, commercial building or the surrounding area will look new and clean without the worry of structural damage to the substrate or machinery you are cleaning.

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