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Hand Care Issues
Intact skin is a first line defence mechanism against infection. Damaged skin leads to infection and also harbours higher numbers of micro-organisms than intact skin which increase the risk of transmission.

There are two major types of skin reactions associated with hand hygiene. Irritant contact dermatitis; which includes symptoms like dryness, irritation, itching, cracking and bleeding. The other being allergic contact dermatitis, which is rare and represents an allergy to some ingredient in a hand hygiene product. In its most serious form allergic contact dermatitis may be associated with symptoms of anaphylaxis.
Factors that may contribute to dermatitis:
  Fragrances and preservatives
Washing hands regularly with soap and water immediately before or after using an Alcohol Bases Hand Rubs (ABHR) is not only unnecessary, but may lead to dermatitis
Donning gloves while hands are still wet from either hand washing or applying ABHR increase the risk of skin irritation
Using hot water for hand washing
Failure to use supplementary moisturizers
Quality of paper towels
Strategies for minimizing occupational hand dermatitis include:  
Use of a HH product that contains skin emollient to minimize the risk of skin irritation and drying
Educating staff on the correct use of HH products
Educating staff on caring for their hands, including the regular use of skin moisturizers both at work and at home
Providing a supportive attitude towards staff with skin problems
ABHR produces the lowest incidence of irritant contact dermatitis of all the HH products currently available. True allergy to ABHR is rare and allergy to alcohol alone has not been reported.
Although some reports have suggested that irritant contact dermatitis can occur in up to 30% HCWs; the incidence of this problem among a recent study of Victorian HCWs was extremely low (0.47%), representing one cutaneous adverse event per 72 years of HCW exposure.
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  Constipation is caused when too much water is absorbed in the large intestine and the feces become dry.

There are over 2 million serious Adverse Drug Reactions every year with 100,000 deaths yearly.
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