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Why Is Facilities Management So Important?
  The question often asked by small growing businesses is ‘Why is facilities management so important?’ The answer actually encompasses many different factors, all of which are actually quite obvious when you think about them.
Firstly, it’s important to return to the basics of what facilities management actually is and what it does. This was covered in our previous article but in essence it all revolves around providing an optimal, safe and cost effective business environment for your employees, members of the public and clients to function within. This in itself involves many different factors which can vary depending on your business and the facilities which are being managed.
Facilities Management Factors
Every proper facility management team know that their role not only involves managing people and utilities but also compliance with the law, preventing hazards and general day-to-day running of a productive business. The following points are examples of elements of the business which the facilities management team may be involved and are quickly obvious as essential elements of business operations:
Compliance with health and safety regulations
Risk assessments
Control of hazardous substances
Waste management and disposal
Building and business security
Disabled access
Fire prevention and emergency planning
Parking facility management
Business continuity planning
Conference and meeting room use
Avoiding fines/penalties on some the above
When you consider that all of these are just a handful of the elements involved in proper facility management it is quickly clear that a tailor-made facility management software can make a big difference to business, especially as it grows. Larger corporations almost require some sort of system as an essential part of their business toolset – without it, time and money will be substantially wasted on manual, old-fashioned facilities management systems which are not up to current standards and are more of a hindrance than a help.
The Essential Toolset
Facilities management software, used effectively, can become such an integral part of the business that everyone within the company can see its value almost instantly. FSI provides a level of support and training along with software which meets facilities management needs at all levels from simple plant maintenance scheduling on a single computer at a single location through to enterprise level asset management and control for an entire multinational corporation. Tailored to meet your individual business needs, you’ll wonder how your business ever functioned without it.
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