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Cleanliness in Industrial Facilities
  Facility cleanliness and appearance play a direct role in the health of your business. It’s not just the look of your offices, lobbies and store fronts seen by customers, but also the cleanliness and appearance of industrial areas, warehouses and manufacturing plants, not typically seen by the public. There are solid business reasons to make this a corporate goal.
Safety – The top reason for many initiatives in an industrial facility is that it keeps your employees and equipment safe. Safety warnings are much more visible in a clean and tidy facility. Traffic lines painted on the floor don’t do much to direct forklift operators if they aren’t visible and are covered in dirt. The same goes for safety barriers. If the bright yellow paint on a barrier is chipped or faded it can still physically stop an accident from causing damage, but the diminished visibility doesn’t do much to prevent the accident in the first place. Also, waste and bi-products from manufacturing and use of heavy machinery, such as wood and metal shavings, fuel or oil leaks, and chemical residues can lead to dangerous situations.
  Motivation – A clean and well-maintained facility instills pride in your employees and boosts morale. A direct result of high morale and a motivated staff is increased productivity, which is always good for business.  
Image – When an important visitor, such as a new customer or potential investor, tours your facilities it is very important to make a good impression. You want these customers thinking about your capabilities or products, not about how dirty your facility is. A well-kept facility gives the impression of a well-run business.  
Industrial facilities are usually utilitarian in design, and simply by the nature of the activity that occurs in plants and warehouses, they will get dirty. Investing in the cleanliness and appearance of your facility with a commercial cleaning crew or low maintenance products makes good business sense. Your investment will be returned in increased productivity, safety and employee morale.
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