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Hotel room cleanliness is critical
  Following inauguration of Best Western International’s “I Care Clean” program, recent research from Europe reported that almost 70 percent of hotel guests say that cleanliness and hygiene are most important. The research shows that most people now make their decisions on where to stay using online ratings to tell their friends if they encounter poor conditions.
The cleanliness and appearance of bedrooms and bathrooms were the most critical areas for guests when forming their opinions.
In addition, the research compiled of responses from almost 700 people in 5 major EU countries, asked
guests about which aspects of cleanliness they expected the hotel to always get right in bedrooms and
In bedrooms, the three most important factors were clean linen, no evidence of previous guests, and absence of bad smells or odors. In bathrooms, over three quarters said cleanliness of the toilet seat and pan was a factor, and almost half said it was the most important.
  In total, 46 percent said review sites were the most important source of information when choosing a hotel, and a further 28 percent cited personal recommendations as the biggest influence.    
Two-thirds of the respondents stated that they had stayed in a hotel that was not clean, while 82 percent had told family and friends about their experience, 75 percent were put off returning, and 72 percent recommended family and friends should not stay there.
In addition, the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 North American Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study was released on July 25, 2012 and reported that overall hotel guest satisfaction declined 7 index points. This is a new low since 2006. Room cleanliness, comfort of the bed, ease of adjusting the room temperature, and guestroom smell, among other factors, are taken into account.
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