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10 ways you didn't know you could use paper towels
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I use paper towels just like most of us, but I've never given a thought to its versatility. Turns out, there's plenty you can do with a few paper towels! Read on to know more:
1. De-moisturize frozen bread
This one’s easy – put a paper towel in a bag with a loaf of bread when freezing it to eat later. During defrosting, the paper towel will absorb all the moisture that was produced.
2. De-grease your sewing machine
Just oiled your sewing machine? Use this trick to continue working on, in no time. Take a paper towel and thread your sewing machine with it. Stitch a series of lines onto it to remove residual grease.
3. Check whether you can use old seeds
Want to plant that old packet of seeds but unsure? Try this - place a few seeds between two damped paper towels. Keep them sofor two weeks. If most of the seeds sprout, you can plant the entire packet.
4. De-moisturize brown sugar
Brown sugar has high moisture content and can stick together into hard-to-use clumps if not used up quickly. Put your brown sugar into a bowl and cover it with a damp paper towel. Leave it overnight to break the clumps.
5. Keep cast iron pots rust-free
Cast iron pans are expensive, and need care. After use, wipe them to remove oil and food. Store them interleaved with paper towels to ensure the absence of rust if they are not hung up. While washing a cast iron pan to remove caked-on food, dry it on the stove and rub it with a paper towel dipped in fat to maintain the pan’s good condition.
6. Remove wax stains
Don’t worry if there’s spilled wax on your furniture or your grandchild scribbled on freshly-painted walls – the paper towel will fix it, place over the wax stain and iron it with a clothes iron on a low setting. The wax will be absorbed, removing the stain.
7. Do some composting
The carbon in paper towels can make them great for the ‘brown’ layer of your compost management system. Turn them to compost once used, encouraging microorganisms to grow, making it healthy and beautiful.
8. Cook mess-free bacon
On the bottom of your microwave, place slices of bacon between 2 pairs ofpaper towels. Set microwave power to High and cook for one minute at a time. It’ll be nice and crisp after the fourth minute. Throw away the paper towels and serve!
9. Line your refrigerator to keep your veggies fresh
Troubled with rotting vegetables in your refrigerator? Keep them fresh for long by lining your vegetable compartments with paper towels. They absorb the moisture and prevent them from rotting.
10. Remove grease from soups
Get the best from your soup with this handy trick. Place a pot in your sink, and a colander linedwith a paper towel in it. Pour your soup through it into the pot. Fat residue remains in the paper towel, leaving you with lean, healthy soup.
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