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Hygiene in a Hurry – shortcuts that keep you safe
Want to be more hygienic but are always in a hurry? Don’t worry, there are little things that can make a real difference – Here are some top tips.
First – why bother?
However much you think you are immune to illness, if you don’t take care about hygiene you might get ill, or cause your family or others to be ill.
These days many antibiotics are becoming resistant, so if you do get an infection, treatment may be difficult.
You can’t see dangerous germs, so be aware about how to break the chain of infection when it matters.
In the kitchen
Don’t wash chicken or chicken packaging. It is dangerous and spreads bacteria all over the sink and surrounding areas.
When preparing chicken, try not to touch it – Open the pack, remove with a fork, put on a chopping board with the fork, use the fork to hold it when slicing and then tip into the pan. The less you spread the bacteria around, the safer you are. Disinfect the utensils and wash your hands as they may be contaminated from the package even if you don’t touch the chicken.
Use some anti-bacterial cleanser and a paper towel if your work-surface gets contaminated. Leave it on the surface for a few minutes and then wipe off.
Worried about whether you have cooked something enough? Use a thermometer – a quick, easy and no nonsense way to check if the juices are clear or if it is piping hot! Aim for 75°C in the centre. For stews, check large pieces of meat not the gravy which heats up quicker.
Cool rice and pasta quickly by rinsing under the cold tap, then box up and store in the fridge. Rice freezes well, so if you like brown rice that takes ages to cook, make some extra, freeze it and reheat either by pouring boiling water over it in a pan and quickly bringing to boil, or in a microwave.
You don’t have to wash your hands all day long at random, but there are key times when it really will help to protect you and others. Wash your hands with soap and rub all parts thoroughly to dislodge germs. The key times include:
After handling raw chicken, meat or vegetables.
After using or cleaning the toilet.
Before eating with your fingers.
Before rubbing your eyes or putting in contact lenses.
Seven is a good number! Have seven hand towels, seven kitchen cloths, seven tea towels. Change daily and wash all at once at the end of the week on a hot wash above 60°C.
Use protectors on your pillows and mattress to keep them dust-mite free.
A weekly linen wash at 60°C or above keeps linen hygienic and keeps your washing machine from getting smelly.
Have a “shoes off” rule when you come in – that way your house gets less dirty and you don’t have to vacuum as much!
Hygiene by design
Having a new toilet put in? Put the flush button behind the lid – that way everyone has to put the lid down after use! Saves germs flying round the bathroom and landing on your toothbrush.
Always use antibacterial bags so you don’t need to worry about washing reusable bags.
Article Source: https://thehygienedoctor.co.uk/2019/03/08/hygiene-in-a-hurry/
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The human heart beats more than three billion times in an average lifespan.
The human left lung is about 10 percent smaller than your right one.
Human teeth are just as strong as shark teeth.
Scientists estimate that the nose can recognise a trillion different scents!
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