Amasht Hygiene E-news | September 2013
Cleanliness in Hotels
  When you travel and stay in hotels, you want them to be clean and well-maintained. Unfortunately, sometimes they're not. You've probably heard horror stories of bed sheets that are never changed and bathtubs that are filled with roaches. You know how important a clean room is to you; by the same token, those whose job it is to keep the rooms clean must understand the importance of what they do.
Disease A primary reason for cleaning hotel rooms thoroughly is to prevent the spread of disease. Diseases can be transferred from one person to the next simply by both touching the same object, such as a faucet handle. The common cold is a case in point. People often do not realize just how far nasal secretions can be spread by hand alone. Another problem can be infestations by parasites such as bedbugs. These are often found in hotel sheets and blankets. Frequent washing of the sheets could eliminate or at least reduce this problem.
Customer Comfort Another reason rooms must be kept clean has to do with why people travel. Many people stay in hotels as part of a vacation they may have planned for some time. A filthy or unhealthy hotel room is not fair to them, and might spoil the entire trip. And they are paying for a clean room, after all.
  Business Reputation A hotel maid-service worker should also be concerned about the reputation of the hotel. Thanks to the Internet, travelers can access hotel-review sites that make the entire world aware of a bad hotel experience. Even old-fashioned word-of-mouth can have quite an impact. A sufficiently bad reputation can even shut a business down.    
Legal Ramifications If customers can demonstrate that they became sick because of unsafe or unsanitary conditions at a hotel, they may be able to sue. And the lawsuit probably would involve more than just the cost of the hotel room. It might demand compensation for medical expenses incurred or even the entire cost of the vacation.
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