Industrial / Kitchen Rolls

"Well engineered, high dispensing efficiency"

It is very essential to maintain a germ free and sanitary environment in the kitchen. Industrial kitchen roll dispensers offers hassle free and continuous use in Institutional kitchens, fast food chains and the catering industry. High absorbency, higher wet and dry strength makes our rolls a preferred choice in the fast paced kitchen environment.

Kitchen Rolls
  • High absorbency
  • Economic in use
  • Hygienic
S.No.  Product Name Size Ply Case count
1 Industrial Rolls - Bleached (Premium)  20cmx300mts 1 4 rolls
2 Industrial Rolls - Bleached (Eco - Big)  25cmx300mts 1 4 rolls
3 Industrial Rolls - Unbleached  25cmx300mts 1 4 rolls
4 Industrial Rolls - Bleached (Eco - Small)  20cmx300mts 1 4 rolls
5 Kitchen Rolls - Small  20cmx20cm 1 20rolls/case230sheets/rolls
Industrial Roll Unbleached
Industrial Roll Big
Industrial Roll - Small
Kitchen Roll